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Employee Wellbeing During COVID-19

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Our People Experience team has been ensuring the wellbeing of our employees during these difficult times through three key focus areas.

Keeping our people safe, happy and well while working from home

Focusing on mental, physical, financial, and social wellbeing, we've launched several initiatives. One of the key initiatives is a 24/7 counseling hotline for all employees. We've also kicked of a series of weekly expert-led webinars such as guided meditations, personal self-care, and parenting in the times of COVID-19.

We've also launched "Chalhoub Tube", an internal video series highlighting wellbeing activities across our teams and people, and online challenges to keep our employees engaged in a positive mindset.

Keeping our people engaged through best practices and gathering their needs

Using our internal communication platforms, our employees have been receiving weekly curated wellbeing tips and articles based on a monthly COVID-19 pulse survey. We have also been supporting our leaders with wellbeing tools and best practices to maintain strong communication with their teams.

Our employees are staying connected to one another and to their leaders mainly through our employee app, which allows them to get the right information but also be inspired and engaged.

Connecting with our communities and inspiring them to take action and listen to their feedback

Supporting our people communities across the region, we have been engaging with fun virtual activities such as fitness challenges. This also includes wellbeing support for leaders, managers and stakeholders with virtual townhalls and events.

Developing our employees

We encourage our employees to participate to our digital learning opportunities to keep them motivated and for them to further strengthen their own development, acquiring new skills.

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